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Types of Migraines

Are you experiencing constant headaches accompanied by symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and visual disturbances? The culprit could be a migraine. While most people confuse migraines with headaches, a migraine is much more than a headache. It’s a neurological condition that can cause several unpleasant symptoms, and without proper treatment, it can diminish your quality of life.

Suffering from migraines in Omaha, NE? Guess what. You don’t have to continue popping those painkillers. Instead, book an appointment with Godfrey Chiropractic PC and see the severity and frequency of your migraine attacks reduce significantly.

Types of Migraines

Not all migraines are the same. To put this in perspective, here are the different types of migraines:

Migraines with aura: The word aura refers to visual disturbances (wavy lines, dark spots, and seeing halos around light sources) you see before the actual migraine attack.

Migraine without aura (common migraines): Most people experience migraines without any warning signs. The typical symptom of common migraines includes a debilitating headache on one side of the head that often worsens with physical exertion. Other symptoms include nausea and light sensitivity.

Abdominal migraines: This migraine is common in children aged between 5 and 9, but it can occur in adults, too. Instead of headaches, patients experience stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting. While this migraine doesn’t come with headaches in children, it can transform into migraines with headaches as they grow older.

Silent migraine: This migraine exhibits all the classic symptoms of migraines but doesn’t have headaches. These types of migraines are common in patients aged 50 and above.

Hemiplegic migraines: This migraine can be scary because it exhibits symptoms similar to a stroke. Common symptoms include weakness on one side of the body, slurred speech, and confusion. This migraine tends to run in families, but you can still have it even if no one in your family has it.

Chiropractic Care for Migraine Headaches

If you have constant headaches and migraines, it can be challenging to enjoy life. Luckily, you can get relief by seeking the services of a chiropractor. If you have constant migraines in Aksarben or Omaha NE, call 402-331-0392 for an appointment with Godfrey Chiropractic PC for pain relief. We use spinal manipulation, massage therapy, and other natural remedies to treat headaches.


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